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The InSpire

The Connection between the Congregational Church and the Latter-day Saints

Read the article and watch this video, which includes comments from Rev. Martin Riekert.


Steeple Repair and Meetinghouse Painting Project Update


Through a competitive bidding process, the CCoT has selected a contractor for this involved project, M.J. Mawn of East Walpole. M.J. Mawn has extensive experience with this type of project for churches, and has completed many projects with oversight from the Mass. Historic Commission (MHC). 


Some of you may have noticed that the Meetinghouse steeple repair project is now underway. We wanted to inform the congregation that it is safe to walk under the scaffolding to enter into the Meetinghouse. There will be a sign by the entrance doors that will show you where to safely enter.



We are finally back to in person cooking and serving at Lifebridge! During the pandemic we still supported Lifebridge financially or by cooking meals at home and delivering them to Lifebridge. Since December we have been back to cooking and serving meals there on the fourth Friday of the month. 


Under Amy’s leadership, the youth of our church and their families have started back to serving dinner on the first Saturday of the month as well. Staff and guests are all masked. Due to pandemic safety concerns, there are currently about 30 people living at Lifebridge and about 30-50 meals are also packed and delivered to the day guests next door.

unnamed (15).jpg

We are looking for people who would be willing to cook and serve dinner on the following Fridays:


  • July 22

  • August 26

  • September 23

As always, both Sallie and Cathy will do the shopping, plan the menu and provide directions. The time commitment has changed since dinner is now served to in house residents at 5:30 (rather than 6:30) and meals must be packed at 5:00 to go to guests next door by 5:15. Depending on the complexity of the meal, you would need to leave Topsfield no earlier than 2:30 and you would be able to leave Lifebridge by about 6:15.


Newcomers are always welcome! We would, of course, pair you with an experienced person(s).

A team of about 4 people is ideal…feel free to ask your friends, neighbors, etc.


If you’re able to help out on any of the above dates, please email Cathy or Sallie.


Thank you so much for helping with this important Board of Missions ministry!!!


Cathy Szymanski - jszymanski8@verizon.net


Sallie Bowling - sallie@synergyscg.com (note new email address)


Ukraine Donation Update

Our church recently received a donation designated for Missions, and the Board of Missions and Outreach voted to send $5,000 in support of Ukraine refugees. With approval from our donor, we sent the funds to Doctors Without Borders specifying Ukraine support.