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Christmas Theater Outing


For many years, Ed Jelinek has shared with us

the story of the Christmas Truce. This year, that

story is being told in a play called "All is Calm" at



A group of CCoT members will be attending the

Sunday December 12th matinee performance at 2PM.

You can get tickets either online or by phone at the

theater. There are also usually good discount tickets

at or other online ticket agencies. 


If you are planning to go and would like to connect with others to carpool or have lunch or drinks afterward please send a note to and we'll try to coordinate as best as possible. 


Hope to see you there!

The Nominating Committee 

We Need your Talents…


Dear CCoT Members,

The Nominating Committee has been working behind the scenes trying to fill spots on our Boards that help the church run! We’re looking for some new folks to fill in those spots that are open for 2022.


We know everyone’s got commitments to family, other organizations, sports, kids, etc. but we also know that serving in church leadership is a great way to get to know people. And we have fun together on every second Wednesday of the month!


We’re seeking new members for all CCoT Boards.

There are five Boards of the church: Board of Deacons, Board of Trustees, Board of Mission & Outreach, Board of Children & Youth, and Board of Community & Communications.

Boards consist of a minimum of 7 and maximum of 12 church members, who are elected at the Annual Meeting for 3-year terms. Boards meet via Zoom on the second Wednesday of every month except in July and August. For more information about each Board, go to the church website at:


The Boards assure that the important work of our church gets done.  All 5 Boards currently have openings, and we’re hoping that you volunteer to join one. The commitment is flexible with regard to your schedule. There are plenty of opportunities on each board to help out when you can. Many hands make light work!


If you are interested in serving on a Board, please contact any of the following folks for more information:


Sheryl Knutsen, Chair, Nominating Committee:

Barbara Barnes, member, Nominating Committee:

Larry Atkins, Chair, Board of Deacons:

Guido Voss, Chair, Board of Trustees:

Alison Hardy, and Charlotte Melling, Co-Chairs, Board of Community and Communications:

Christy Redding, Chair, Board of Children and Youth:

Joe Gibbons, Chair Board of Mission and Outreach:

Stewardship Campaign Updates


2022 Stewardship Kickoff

A Future With Hope


By now, you have received your Stewardship letter and pledge

card in the mail to kick off our 2022 Stewardship campaign.

The theme this year is A Future With Hope.


Like 2020, 2021 has continued to be a challenge in many ways

for the church, our congregation, and our community. The budget

will be strained in 2022 as much as it has been in any prior years.

While some backstops helped the church to fiscally get through

2020 and 2021 relatively well, those will not be available as we

turn to 2022.


As with years past, we will have stewardship moments over the few weeks leading up to our Stewardship Sunday, which will be December 5, 2021. Our focus on these moments will be the important work of the different boards and missions of the church and why your pledges are so instrumental to their success.


We look to 2022 with optimism and hope and we pray that you will be guided and moved to not only continue your support with a pledge, but to the extent that you can, increase your support of the church and its missions.


-The Stewardship Committee

Time to Order Poinsettias


Please consider purchasing a plant or two

to enhance our festive Christmas Decorations

which takes 80 plants to create.


The cost is $11 per plant and ordering is easy.


Be a part of this wonderful tradition.

Order a poinsettia to decorate our

Sanctuary for Christmas. 

Order deadline is December 18th.

(Order forms will also be included inside

the Sunday bulletin.)


To Order please contact Gerrie Bunker

· Email your order to

· Call Gerrie to place your order at 508-641-0635

· Mail the form (see below) to:

Gerrie Bunker, 42 Country Club Way,

Ipswich, MA 01938

· Or fill out the form and drop it off at the

church office.

· Please make checks payable to the Congregational Church of Topsfield and memo Flower Fund.



Poinsettia Order Form

Your Name (as you would like it to appear in the dedication booklet)



Dedication (in memory, celebration of, etc)

*if left blank, dedication will read “in celebration of the birth of Jesus” ______________________________________________________________________________


Number of Plants: _______

Payment Amount: ________

If you do not wish to take your poinsettia home check here: _______

Are Ewe Wondering What to Do?

The Board of Community and Communications

invites you to join the flock for a celebration of

Christmas in story and song.

Sunday, December 19, starting at 4PM, via Zoom.


Put on your favorite seasonal sweater,

position yourself in front of your Christmas tree,

pour yourself a big mug of eggnog (nobody

driving!) and join us for a fun evening of music,

and stories, and laughs.


We want you to participate! There are so many ways to do this - think about one of your favorite activities during the holidays and tell us about it. Make a video of your favorite decorations. Record a family singing session. Read to us your favorite story of the season. Share your Christmas TikTok dance. Kids - tell us what you want for Christmas. Funny family photos? Sure! Bonus for funny CCoT holiday photos.

Pre-recorded or spontaneous - you choose.


For musical contributions it is highly recommended to pre-record.

Emcee for the evening will be Peter Lindholm - reach out to him or Charlotte Melling or Alison Hardy to let us know what you are planning so we can save a slot.


Hope to have you join us for this holiday season!

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