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Member's Stories


Charise Nulsen

We have chosen Congregational Church of Topsfield as my family's spiritual home because it's a place of support and guidance that meets everyone exactly where they are on their life journeys. There is never pressure to be anything other than who we are, and it is a rare place where I can actually feel a sense of peace. My children love Sunday School and actually ask us to bring them to worship. We all love the service opportunities connected with the church as living a life of faith in action is important to us. We are grateful for the open minded perspectives of our ministers, and how they connect real world challenges and issues to spiritual messages. Lastly, our family is thankful for the people who make up CCoT; they are kind, and I love that people with a spectrum of beliefs and views come together to be peaceful together.

Mike Ierardi

What I love about my church is the people. To me it is the people who are the church, not the buildings, or the minister, or the music, but the people. People who care about one another and the world both close by and in distant places. It is the love, warmth, caring and kindness that the people of the Congregational Church of Topsfield demonstrate in their words and deeds that bind us together as a community of worship. That’s what I love about my church.

Ryan Kane

The sense of family at the Congregational Church of Topsfield is amazing. From the warm welcome we received from many members the day we first joined for worship to the day we had our first daughter christened and were given a white, hand-woven blanket. We've been active members now for several years.

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