Social Justice is...


a concept of fair just relations between the individual and society, as measured by the distribution of wealth, opportunities for personal activity, and social privileges. here;

Restorative Justice seeks to heal, not punish; seeks reconciliation, not deeper conflict; is about getting well, not getting even.  Restorative Justice seeks to transform broken lives, relationships and communities, rather than shatter them further.  (Kay Pranis, 2007)  Click here to read more.

Biblical references to justice:

Exodus 23: 1-9; Leviticus 19:15; Deuteronomy 1: 17; Psalm 11: 7; Psalm 106: 3; Psalm 37: 27-29; Proverbs 21: 15; Proverbs 24: 24-25; Proverbs 29: 4; 7; Isaiah 1: 17; Isaiah 42: 1-4; Isaiah 56: 1; Jeremiah 22: 3; Ezekiel 34: 16; Amos 5: 15,24; Micah 6:8; Zachariah 7: 9; Matthew 5: 38-39; Matthew 15: 1-9; Matthew 18: 21-35; Mark 7: 1-13; Luke 11: 42; 18: 1-8.  These passages reveal major tenets of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Social Justice Committee:

Mission Statement:  Address the root causes of social or environmental inequities through education and advocacy in a respectful and peaceful manner.

  • Guiding Principles:  Non violent, Create a safe space for dialogue.  Prayerful, faith-guided action.

  • Goals/Generic Activities:  Study issues, network and facilitate involvement, educate, advocate change and serve as a catalyst for change, organize for action, take action.

Recent history of CCoT social justice initiative:  click here

For more information on the history of social justice click here

For Inspiration and Motivation...







Select the following link to view a video created by the World House Choir from Yellow Springs, Ohio whose mission is to perform music that motivates and inspires our communities toward justice, diversity, and equality as we strive for peace and create our web of mutuality.

All Lifted Hearts (Many Windows One Light)...

Social Justice Initiatives:  Click on the following pages for recent church events, issues of concern and resources for information.

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Mental Health

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