Adult Christian Education Opportunities


Bible Study

Adult Bible studies are led by Martin Riekert, ongoing, and meet online weekly Tuesday evenings at 7 pm.  Our groups are informal and involve lively open discussion on issues of faith and life that the readings elicit, or sometimes just address 'burning' questions/issues people want to discuss....not boring!  Anyone can come anytime and check it out.

The Reading Circle will commence soon with activities. Martin has identified a Bible study series of twenty sessions that is suitable for online use. The latter is called “Living The Questions” and contains studies by top-notch theologians, addressing questions we are confronted with as humanity and offering a non-fundamentalist Christian response. If you are interested, let Martin know by email, text or phone and he will send you the link to join us for the first meeting. 978 887-2101 ext. 1

Volume 1: DREAM

DREAM Session 1: Journey

DREAM Session 2: Creation

DREAM Session 3: Reconciliation

DREAM Session 4: Jesus

DREAM Session 5: Risk

Volume 2: THINK

THINK Session 1: Theological

THINK Session 2: Bible

THINK Session 3: Evil

THINK Session 4: Violence

THINK Session 5: Rapture and Revelation

Volume 3: BE

BE Session 1: Kingdom

BE Session 2: Vision

BE Session 3: Prayer

BE Session 4: Creativity

BE Session 5: Mystery

Volume 4: DO

DO Session 1: Incarnation

DO Session 2: Compassion

DO Session 3: Politics

DO Session 4: Passion

DO Session 5: Resurrection