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Earth Day Project

Dear Topsfield friends,

With Earth Day coming soon I thought it would be a wonderful idea to find out how much non-fossil based energy is produced in our town.

I am sure we have plenty of homes and businesses that have photo voltaic (solar) installations, maybe we could even find a few small wind generators. I would collect that data, run it through some statistics and would publish the result on Earth Day. All data would be anonymous, this is all about the town and not about individuals.

The more people that participate the better the result for our town.

I would like to get the following information from you:

    - How much energy do you produce on average per year?

    - How long have you had your installation?

    - What do you use the energy for? (Heat, A/C, charge car, pool, house hold, business)

If you are willing you could send a picture of the installation to be used for a collage. If you have a neighbor or friend with an installation, ask them to join in. The more residents participate, the better the result for our town.

Please send data, pictures and thoughts to

As I already mentioned, all data will be handled strictly confidential, but if you send a picture you agree that it can be used for a display.


Werner Griesshammer

Climate Crisis


Yard signs are available !  


The ecumenical group that recently discussed the book "Climate Church, Climate World" by Jim Antal, created yard signs to remind people of the climate change crisis and urge them to take action. 


Three different yard signs are available (made of paper, and not plastic) see designs here.

You can pick up a sign at the Emerson Center (on the porch), or at Tom Warren's house (92 Hill Street, Topsfield). Signs will be available outside, so we can maintain social distancing. 

We suggest a donation of at least $ 5.00 to cover the associated costs. 

For additional information please contact:


Tom Warren at  or

Martin Riekert at

Please put in the subject line of your email: Climate Change Yard Sign 



How People of Faith Must Work For Change, A virtual Lenten book study by Rev. Jim Antal


Tuesday evenings at 7:15pm-8:30pm beginning Feb. 23 through March 23, 2021


The Board of Mission & Outreach will introduce the study with a sermon by Rev. Antal on Feb. 21, and include a Q&A with him personally at a later point in the study.


There are 9 free copies of the book available for participants in the weekly book study.  Contact Wendy in the church office, give your email and arrange to pick up a book as soon as possible. We will send you a Zoom invitation for each week.


We'll begin with the introduction and chapter 1, then discuss two chapters per subsequent weekly sessions, led by Tom Warren

For Inspiration and Motivation...

Select the following links to view video's created by the World House Choir from Yellow Springs, Ohio whose mission is to perform music that motivates and inspires our communities toward justice, diversity, and equality as we strive for peace and create our web of mutuality.

Mystery from Missa Gaia:


Blue Green Hills of Earth from Missa Gaia:

Protecting Fish Brook, A Documentary, Sept. 2020

Masconomet High School seniors, Katie Bernard and Marion Duval, filmed and produced this environmental documentary about the Fish Brook tributary of the Ipswich River to spread ecological awareness


Check out these videos/webinars on the intersection of climate change with race, poverty, health/disease, food and water security among other aspects of life:


Recap of forum led by Tom Warren on Impact of Climate Change on the Oceans. View details here.


Energy Production for the CCoT:

- 101 Ways to Fight Climate Change: (from The Nature Conservency)

- Check out 350 Massachusetts for current local actions to support green living:

For a broader perspective, check out the Climate Rreality Project": 

For a broader perspective check out the Climate Reality project:

"Prophets and Power: Compelling Congress to Act" Nov. 23, 2020 In this webinar co-hosted by Rev. Dr. Brooks Berndt, UCC Environmental Justice Ministry, panelists describe how faith advocates can successfully advocate for climate legislation in Congress. Faith-rooted advocates have enormous potential to be the moral and spiritual force needed in congressional districts across the country. The degree of organized pressure brought to bear on members of state and federal legislatures will significantly impact whether our nation rises to face the climate crisis and environmental injustice. Here.

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