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Dear Friends,


Thanksgiving is the holiday to express our gratitude for our blessings and share generously with those in need. CCoT will be collecting food again this year for our mission partner, Citizens Inn/Haven from Hunger.


As we continue COVID-19 precautions there will be no truck in front of the church. Instead, between November 1 and 21 you can bring shopping bags with food and place them at the entrance to the office at Emerson Center. Members of BOMO will make sure they are stored inside.


We have arranged with Citizens Inn for a safe pickup on Monday November 22nd. This approach worked very well last year, and food donations increased considerably over previous years.

Please fill your shopping bags with nutritious items for those experiencing food insecurity.


A list of suggested items is attached to this letter. The Executive Director of Citizens Inn, Corey Jackson, will update our congregation on their efforts during worship service on November 21st.


We have also designated Citizens Inn/Haven from Hunger as the recipient of our Thanksgiving offering; thus if you are unable to drop off food items, please contribute by mailing a check to the church office with the notation, “Thanksgiving Offering,” or dropping it in the collection plate if you are worshiping in person.


Citizens Inn/Haven from Hunger's food pantry provides over 3,800 individuals with fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, and canned goods, and they have been successful in alternative ways to provide food and services in response to COVID-19. Additional information about Citizens Inn and Haven from Hunger can be found at this link:

Please join the Board of Mission and Outreach in filling the pantry to overflowing for the upcoming holiday season.


-The Board of Mission and Outreach - Joe Gibbons, Chair, Jackie Cassiday, James Barnes, Carolyn Detato, Charise Nulsen, Kathy Hartmann, Carolyn Nenart       

List of Suggested Food Items:



  • rice and rice mixes

  • pastas

  • cranberry sauce

  • nuts

  • canned vegetables

  • hot cereal mixes

  • boxed stuffing

  • pancake mixes

  • granola bars

  • flour baking mixes

  • gravy packets

  • salad dressing

  • syrup

  • jelly and jam

  • honey

  • mayonnaise

  • peanut butter

  • canned stews

  • coffee

  • spices

  • canned soups

  • instant potatoes


For more information:

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