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Gun Safety








1)  Gun Violence - Public Health Crisis

  • In the United States, there are over 100 gun deaths each day and about 38,000 each year.

  • Despite the number of deaths, lingering health impacts from gunshot wounds, and the psychological impact a gun death or injury can have on a household or community, gun violence is framed as a political or criminal justice issue rather than a health issue.

  • Many experts say there’s a great need to begin reframing the impact of gun violence as a medical issue, not a political one.


2)  Universal Background Checks - a summary


“Stopping gun violence requires a myriad of solutions. There is not one bill or law that will magically save every life. But in order for policies to be successful, we must have universal background checks. Background checks are the foundation upon which other policies must build.”


- JOSH HORWITZ, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence


3)  Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence



The Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence brings together impacted communities, advocates, public health experts and policy-makers to prevent gun violence in all its forms. Because we recognize that gun violence is a public health emergency exacerbated by economic disparity and systemic racism, we address those root causes through education, policy analysis, trauma informed advocacy, and by amplifying the voices of impacted individuals and communities.


MA Coalition - Advocacy Priorities for 2021-2022

  • Access to firearms

  • Juvenile Justice Reform

  • Trauma and Gun Violence


Details available here:


"Bullets and Bills:  the cost of getting shot in America" --BBC News --This video highlights the economic and emotional impact of gun violence, an issue not always considered in the gun safety debate. --view here.

"How Did We Not Know?" Gun Owners Confront a Suicide Epidemic" --view here.


Bill Filed To Ban Assault Weapon Manufacturing In Mass

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