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Follow the link to view a video created by the World House Choir from Yellow Springs, Ohio whose mission is to perform music that motivates and inspires our communities toward justice, diversity, and equality as we strive for peace and create our web of mutuality.


All Lifted Hearts (Many Windows One Light)...

THE PENUEL DIALOGUE PROJECT - An Effort in Peacemaking
The Penuel Dialogue Project* was initiated by the Congregational Church of Topsfield in 2021 in response to the escalating polarization in civic discourse. The name Penuel represents the location of the Biblical story of Jacob 'wrestling with God,' struggling to do the right thing. While the overall purpose has been to promote peaceful relationships, the direct purpose of reflective structured dialogues

PDP JUNE 2022 0344JPG.jpg

has been to demonstrate and model how people with disparate perspectives can communicate in a civil manner and emerge from conversation having shared, having been heard and respected as well as discovering commonalities with others. The content of the dialogues focuses on questions of personal thoughts and experiences as well as questions of curiosity, neither debate nor advocacy.

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Photo from June 2022

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